Flavors of Honey

If there’s anything worthy of being called “food of the gods”, it’s definitely honey. Delicious, decadent and sticky sweet, the appeal of honey is timeless — and quite literally so! As StillTasty.com and various other sources will tell you, honey is one of those foods that will keep indefinitely.

The flavor of honey is amazing. It’s likened to granulated sugar, but still has a distinctive taste. The flavor of honey depends on the nectar source, and there are many different kinds of honey, but their flavor remains head and shoulders above that of other sweeteners.

Honey has been used in medical groups for centuries. According to Dr. Grotte, the liquid has been used everywhere from dressing wounds to treating sore throat and cough, as well as alleviating allergies. It’s this versatility that truly sets honey apart.

In the kitchen, honey is also quite a celebrated food. It’s used to sweeten tea and coffee, drizzled on top of fresh pancakes, and even used in baking. However, you might not be aware that honey can be the star in other kitchen goodies as well. If you’re a honey-holic, hit the store and look for the following products:

1. Honey Beer

Honey Beer

Yes, honey and beer — what’s not to like? Honey is used to create an alcoholic beverage called mead, and depending on the processes used, honey wine or honey beer can be created. The beer is usually far less expensive, and isn’t even as sweet as the honey it’s fermented from. UK chain M&S says that the “subtle heather honey sweetness of this beer will complement dishes such as lamb tagine, couscous and roasted Mediterranean vegetables”, so it’s great as a dinner drink.

2. Honey Sports Drinks

Honey Sports Drink

Empowered Sustenance featured this great recipe for a healthy homemade sports drink that helps you get the most out of your workout. It helps the body adapt to the stresses of exercising, especially when doing more strenuous workouts. The secret lies in the combination of tulsi, or Holy Basil, which is an adaptogenic substance, and raw honey, which helps manage stress levels. The tea is slightly sweet, but also refreshing because of the herbs.

3. Honey Dill Sauce

Honey Dill Sauce

A pizzeria in Manitoba developed this sauce, which has earned mixed reviews from critics. The creator, Shirley Eng, says that the sauce was actually invented by mistake, as her husband tried to duplicate a different sauce. The strange mixture of honey and dill is an acquired taste, but it can definitely add a zing to chicken fingers and chips.



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