Fitness Cabbage Salad with Chicken

This Fitness cabbage salad with chicken is healthy appetizing recipe for some vegetarians and salad lovers. I also recommend you this Hawaiian Chicken Salad. This is also health friendly and for those who are in diets, these recipe guys will help you to lose your health as much as you can. For …
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Marinade Beef Strips

As you may already know this marinade beef strips makes me busy most of this week. I was entertained out of town guest last weekend and this menu is perfect. In spite of being busy, I did, however, have a chance to get in the kitchen. This is one thing I came up with the other evening to cook this recipe. My family loves it too. The ingredients and procedure below guide you to experience this recipe.

Marinade Beef Strips Recipe

marinade beef strips


1/4 cup soy sauce
1 1/2 pounds 1 to 1 1/2-inch pencil-thin beef strips

Sautéed Corned Beef and Vegetable

Another breakfast recipe will share to you guys and it is the Sautéed corned beef and vegetable is healthy recipe. Everybody loves this recipe most especially the children. This is best for kids because it has vegetables that are good for their health. Children always find meaty foods or something taste good and usually the food that they want are unhealthy. So if I were their mom, I’ll introduce this Sautéed corned beef and vegetables recipe for them.

I’m pretty sure that they like it. I will tell them the health benefits of vegetables and encourage them to eat more vegies so tha

Drop Egg Cream Soup Recipe

Drop Egg Cream Soup Recipe

Hi guys! Today, i want to share you another soup recipe called Drop egg cream soup. This is a common soup recipe but for me, this is so special. Everyone love this recipe because of the drop fresh egg and so creamy soup. Anything we can pair with this soup like fried rice and garlic bread. We want soup because it’s easiest way to cook for. In restaurant they usually serve soup, so you don’t need to go in the restaurant to taste the delicious creamy soup. You can make it in your home with special ingredients. If you want to try this, feel free to copy the ingredients and the procedure for you to follow.

Drop Egg Cream Soup Recipe (2)

Here are

Crisp and Beef Casserole Recipe

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Written by Sydney Hamilton of Yum na Yum
Crisp and Beef Casserole Recipe
Have a nice day ahead everyone, I will share something delightful recipe for you today. Crisp and beef casserole. Are you familiar of this recipe? if not, i will tell you a little details about this recipe. This recipe includes ground beef or you can use burger …
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Savory Meatball Soup Recipe

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Written simply by Ryan of Yum na Yum
Savory Meatball Soup Recipe
Hi guys, I have something for you to prepare and it is the Savory meatball soup for your meals. This recipe is so familiar and common but this one is different. It may be look so familiar in your eyes but in your mouth, it has the meaty delightful taste. This recipe …
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