Peach and Grapes Combo Drink

Peach and grapes combo drink is kind of extraordinary delightful drink. This is also detoxifying drink that cleanse your body as well. Every summer, we always want something to drink and we need fluids to our body because aside from hot, we’re always sweating. If you’re planning to make juices for this summer, I recommend you this Peach and grapes combo drink. The raspberry pineapple smoothie recipe is also the best. It’s taste is also different and since it is a pure raspberry made, I love the aromatic smell of this beverages recipe. But for now, I want you to share a simple ingredients and procedure how Peach and grapes combo drink made.

Peach and Grapes Combo Drink (2)

Peach and Grapes Combo Drink


2 peeled and pitted peaches

1 cup either red grapes or white grapes

3 tablespoons sugar

1 pint water

Ice cubes


1. First thing to prepare this juice is to combine fresh fruits together then add crushed. Add sugar to have a good taste. Dilute it with water gradually. Transfer the mixture into the shaker and  add ice cubes and shake it with water. Strain the mixture and pour into each drinking glasses to serve.

This is how quick to make the Peach and Grapes Combo Drink. I love the surprising taste. I wasn’t expecting that the results of mixing fruits and turns into juices are amazing! I can’t deny that since I inventively made this, it serves as my water substitute. I bring this to my office. Instead of drinking hot coffee every morning, I want something cold to sip with plus exercise and when you say  exercise, you should control your diet too so that you will be physically healthy. So now, are you ready for summer? Have fun guys and until next time. Freshen up with this cool Peach and grapes combo drink. 

Peach and Grapes Combo Drink (3)



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