Get Ready for Some Wedding Finger Foods and Drinks

Wedding Finger Foods and Drinks

Are you one of the girls who intend to have their wedding on June, a June bride perhaps? If you are, then I bet you are all pretty excited and probably overwhelmed with all the preparations at hand.

Weddings are such a great celebration and this kind of events are, let me say, not an easy task. Not really at all especially if you intend to do the wedding preparation by yourself and without the help of the wedding organizer.

There are so many things to prepare for every little detail is something that you need not to overlook. From wedding cakes, wedding gowns, entourage, wedding reception, invitation, not to mention the meet and greet with all your relatives invited and as well as your better halfs relatives too. (Well, that’s if you intend to have a big wedding… lol)

With all that, you shouldn’t overlook the caterer. Your wedding food is very important. I mean, apart from witnessing your wedding, guests would be delighted to see what food you’ll be serving them. Now talking about food, if you love to cook, I bet you want to have one of your specialties served at your wedding, right? I know it is not necessary for you to make one but it’ll make one great impression for all your guests. For that, you have to be prepared. But for those who don’t want to cook but you want to have a specific dish on your wedding, keep it simple but exquisite and make sure it is something that your guest will love. I’m thinking about wedding finger foods and drinks.

Well, I just saw a great video, (well, it’s not actually for a wedding but I figured this would be great for your wedding). It’s from POPSUGAR Girl’s Guide. This is actually inspired from the Mad Men TV series. But hey, who doesn’t want cocktails? With their ideas, this will be great for a small cocktail bar somewhere in the reception.

Check out the video below.

So, there you have it. An amazing Wedding Finger Foods and Drinks that you certainly will love and so would your guests too. You’re weddings’ gonna be, LEGEN… wait for it… DARY.. LEGENDARY… (LOL.. I miss HIMYM series) Don’t forget to share this to your friends and family. They too might like it.

Aside from this wedding finger foods and drinks, you can also try our very own Hot and Spicy Oyster Shots



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