Cowboy Chimichangas Recipe

This Cowboy Chimichangas are like quesadillas for me, however the only difference among them is this one is the best and very yummy, I like how it taste and how crispy and has a tempting filling after every single bite of it.

I had tried this once but I can’t sleep without knowing this recipe, in the morning, when I came back to the restaurant that we have gone tasting this recipe, and I’m so glad that the chief cook of that restaurant shared it and showed me on how it is going to cook, though I never really get the exact perfect taste in the first time I make this one, it’s still worth for the second try and I really did a good job as my husband told me. And now that I finally made it perfect and served it with my kids and other friends and now I want to share this also for you, the Cowboy Chimichangas. There are ingredients with procedures below that you can follow So, I hope you guys will lik