Filipino Sinampalukang Baboy Recipe (Pork Tamarind Soup Recipe)

Filipino Sinampalukang Baboy Recipe (Pork Tamarind Soup Recipe)

As an OFW, it was really hard to work abroad. Because you’ll have to be far away from your love one, your family and friends and you alone will be the one to guide yourself there. And there is one thing I always wish for my wife, whenever I get back from abroad was the Sinampalukang Baboy . It was my favorite and also the Filipino Halo Halo Dessert that made by my lola. And today, I and my wife will also share her secret recipe, on how she get me while she was courting on me before (laughing that line is a joke only) peace for my wife! Anyway, here’s her recipe for you to try it in your homes, the Sinampalukang Baboy .

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