Asian Red Soup Recipe

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Asian Red Soup Recipe
Here we are again sharing this scrumptious recipe called Asian red soup recipe. This recipe is very rich in Lycopene because the fresh tomatoes are the main ingredients of this recipe and it is good for the heart.  This is best for breakfast and can be usually paired with ginger bread or pita b … READ MORE

Crisp and Beef Casserole Recipe

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Written by Sydney Hamilton of Yum na Yum
Crisp and Beef Casserole Recipe
Have a nice day ahead everyone, I will share something delightful recipe for you today. Crisp and beef casserole. Are you familiar of this recipe? if not, i will tell you a little details about this recipe. This recipe includes ground beef or you can use burger …
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Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

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Kung Pao Chicken Recipe
I have yet another chicken recipe in which you might all well love, and it is the Kung Pao Chicken recipe. The first time I tried this recipe was from a friend’s house. And that moment, I fell in love with the Kung Pao Chicken recipe. And so, I wanted to make one for my own. The Kung pao chiken … READ MORE

Chewy Beef Stew Recipe

Chewy Beef Stew Recipe

chewy beef stew

Looking for delicious, smooth and delectable beef recipe? Here’s Chewy beef stew. This is one of a kind beef recipe that satisfies your meal. I cook this recipe for so many times and I found the very special taste in this recipe. It has extraordinary saucy delight together with the tender potatoes and carrots that adds healthy factors in this recipe. It may look like common and ordinary, but once you try this Chewy beef stew, you can add more cups of rice. Want to try? Here’s the ingredients and procedure listed below to experience the delectable recipe.

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Special Artichoke and Shrimp Pasta Recipe

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Prepared simply by KatRen of Yum na Yum

Special Artichoke and Shrimp Pasta Recipe
This recipe can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated. Seafood pasta is common Asian recipe. But this special artichoke and shrimp pasta recipe is different from other pasta recipe. It has a very rich shrimp flavor. This recipe is perfect for …
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Baked Asparagus Omelet

Today, I will make a healthy breakfast recipe and it is called the Baked asparagus omelet. It is a delectable recipe and good for the body. This is good for diabetics, rich in anti-oxidant, and gluten free. To those who are vegetarians, you’ll going to love this recipe because it is free from me …
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Delectable Curried Pork Recipe

Delectable Curried Pork Recipe

Delectable Curried Pork Recipe

I introduce you this Delectable curried pork recipe for family gathering because it such a great recipe for special occasions. This recipe is one of my favorite. I cook this regularly during dinner. My family loves this recipe too. My mom taught me this recipe way back on college days. I prepare pack lunch for my siblings in school and this recipe is usually our dishes. I make my own version of this recipe and it is more special. It’s really great feeling and I feel so lucky that my mom taught me this recipe because I brought it into my married life and I cook this dish for my own family and I’m glad that my husband and my kids really love this and this is their ultimate